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Finecto+ red mite control, 100% natural and effective!

Finecto consumer

  • 100% natural, does not contain poison
  • Prevents problems with mites
  • Makes animals and environment unattractive for red mites
  • Eggs can be eaten without having to wait
Finecto consumer

Mites birds/chickens

  • What are red mites?
  • How do you recognise red mites on the hen/bird?
  • Life cycle of the red mite
  • How do mites get in?

Solution for mites

  • What is Finecto+ exactly?
  • When should you start to control red mites in hens and birds?
  • Stepped plan preventative approach
  • Stepped plan: curative approach

The advantages of Finecto

Years of experience on poultry farms and amateur breeders have shown that chemical control that is 100% effective is virtually impossible. With the natural Finecto+ approach we make the problem manageable in an animal-friendly way. The result is healthier quiet animals and better laying and breeding results.

100% natural

100% natural

Finecto+ products do not contain any chemical agents; only natural ingredients. The carefully selected aromatic substances in the Finecto+ products have proved to be effective in the control of red mites.

Prevents red mite problems

Prevents red mite problems

With Finecto+ you prevent problems with red mites. But even if there is a problem, Finecto+ will solve the problem. Prevent irritation in your birds or hens; treat them before it is too late.

No waiting time

No waiting time

Finecto+ does not contain any chemical components, which means that you can keep on eating the eggs. It does not have any deleterious influence on taste and quality.

Improves the animals’ welfare

Improves the animals’ welfare

When you prevent your animals being attacked by red mites, they will be healthier, have no stress and reward you with good results.

Customers about Finecto


Imke and her Friesian Horse

Experience with Finecto+ Horse

After two weeks of treatment with Finecto + mites were as good as gone and they stayed away.

Miranda & Sanya

My Tinker free from lice and mites

No mites anymore

For a longer time now I use Finecto + Horse for my Tinker mare. She had terrible lice and after washing three times of washing it was finally under control, but I wanted to give her something to prevent her for lice and mites.

Zantos for the first time itch-free!

Zantos for the first time itch-free in the summer!

Summer-itch reduces by Finecto+ Horse

For the first time in several years our horse Zantos is not scratching at midnight in his stable during summer.