Ticks on dogs

Ticks are a plague to many animals and people, dogs included. The sneaky thing about these parasites is that they can crawl onto dogs unseen in order to suck blood. Ticks cause itching and skin irritation, but can also spread diseases such as Lyme disease.

What do ticks look like?

Ticks look different at every stage. Most people will recognise them once they have filled up on blood on the skin of the dog, as they turn into grey protrusions. However, ticks have various stages and are only full in the final stage. A young tick looks like a spider-like parasite in a black/brown colour. They grow larger as they suck more blood. With dogs, ticks are mostly found in the neck, on the head, in the ears and on the legs.

How and when can ticks latch on to the dog?

It is often thought that ticks can only be found in the forest, but they are actually present almost everywhere, even in your garden. They are mostly located in tall grass, on certain plants and on dead leaves. Even though they cannot jump, the ticks will wait for passers-by to latch on and start eating. They are most active from March to October. However, they become active from temperatures of 8 °C and up, which means they can nowadays be found through the entire year.

Preventing ticks

It is important to realise that there is no 100% effective way to repel ticks. It is therefore important, in addition to administering a preventative substance, to check your dog for ticks every week. Nevertheless, it is sensible to ensure your dog is unappealing to ticks for the most part.

There are many different substances available that will protect your dog from ticks. These drugs can be divided between chemical and natural products. The difference between chemical and natural substances is that chemical substances can impair your dog’s immune system, create resistances and have neurotoxic side effects. In addition, many of the substances, such as external sprays and droplets for the skin, are less or not effective if your dog swims or walks out in the rain a lot.

Finecto+ Dog

In 2017, a new natural dietary supplement was released based on essential oils and herbs. It is a powder that has to be mixed through the food daily. It ensures that fleas and ticks will no longer want to suck the dog’s blood. The level of protection remains the same even if dogs swim or walk in the rain a lot. View Finecto+ Dog.