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Finecto Red mite test


With these tubes you can test easily if there are red mites in the henhouse. In the attached leaflet, you can determine the treatment plan based on the number of red mites.

  • Test to check on red mites
  • Tubes which you can place onto the perch
The approach

How does Finecto Test work?

Red mites in chicken

Red mites emerge from their hiding place at night and climb up the legs of your chickens and birds so that they can suck blood. When they have had their fill they climb back down and go in search of the nearest hiding place. Mites like tiny, dark spaces where the chickens cannot get and eat them.

When you place the Finecto Test tube directly under the perch, this will be the first suitable hiding place the mites will encounter. They will try to build a nest on the stick in the tube where they can lay their eggs. Because the stick is easily removed, you will be able to check the number of mites each week and then take appropriate action.

Directions for use

1 – Attach the test tube with 2 tie-wraps under the perch where the birds roost at night. Insert the wooden stick (with ring) into the tube so that it protrudes a little at both ends.

2 – After one week remove the stick from the tube and count the number of red mites. The amount will determine the appropriate action to be undertaken (see table below). Then wash the stick with hot
water before reinserting it into the tube.

3 – Check the stick each week for mites. Use the number of mites found to determine the timing and methods for further action.

Finecto Red mite test
Finecto Red mite test
  • Test to check on red mites
  • Tubes which you can place onto the perch
Finecto+ combinationkit for chickens / birds / reptiles
Finecto+ combinationkit for chickens / birds / reptiles
  • Makes the blood and environment unattractive for mites
  • 100% natural, does not contain poison
  • No waiting time. The eggs can still be eaten during and after the treatment
  • If ordered before 16.00, shipped the same day!
  • 300 gram supplement and 1 Liter spray
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