Finecto+ protects your animal against irritations of ectoparasites in a natural way!

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Experience with Finecto+ combinationkit for chickens / birds / reptiles

Experience with Finecto+ Protect

Ervaring finecto vogelproblemen

Until an uncle of mine, poultry farmer and amateur canary breeder asked if I had checked them for red mite. I had not thought of that, because I always clean the cage thoroughly and regularly use a red mite spray. After checking more closely it turned out to be red mite. They had hidden themselves under the drawer in a crack and in the mounting of the perches.

At my uncle’s advice I bought a bottle of Finecto+, but first of all I went to the website myself to get some information. It turns out to be 100% natural and not harmful to humans and the environment. Now I treat the cage once every four weeks with this spray and so far I have not had any more red mites and my birds feel very well.

Finecto+ Protect
Finecto+ Protect
  • Makes animals and environment unattractive for red mites
  • 100% natural, does not contain poison
  • Eggs can be eaten without having to wait
  • If ordered before 16.00 hours, shipped the same day
  • 1000ml
Finecto+ Oral (chickens/birds/reptile)
Finecto+ Oral (chickens/birds/reptile)
  • Makes the blood unattractive for mites
  • 100% natural, does not contain poison
  • No waiting time. The eggs can still be eaten during and after the treatment
  • If ordered before 16.00 hours, shipped the same day!
  • 300 gram
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